As a parent, and speaking from the heart, seeing and reading about ASD is very different from living it; it’s a bumpy and uphill road to say the least. Now, did you ever meet that one person that changes a situation? My son, my family and I were lucky enough to meet that person: Jerry Growney.  With his help, knowledge, humor, listening skills and client advocation, he gave us the “tools” to put in this tool box of life. With his help, my son and my family have learned to navigate our days, and we are forever grateful and thankful. He saved a child as well as a family. Finally, my son knows the feeling of success and has moved mountains.
As a Healthcare Clinician myself, witnessing Jerry’s amazing ability to understand and diagnose a child’s physical needs, as well as his/her emotional needs and limitations, has been a true learning experience. His skill level shines through in his warmth and engagement, and he treats his clients (as well as their families) with a holistic approach. His work is truly individualized and patient-centered, creating the best possible situation for success!
― R.C. (Parent of Therapy/Coaching Client)