I’ve been working with Jerry for several years. The work we have done together has changed my life and the way I interact with the world. There is so much I owe to him and our time together.

Jerry has provided me with a safe and compassionate space where he has patiently listened and made me feel heard and seen. Within this safe space, I have been able to explore my inner workings without ever feeling judged or ashamed.

One of the most valuable aspects of my work with Jerry has been his intuitive nature, as well as his ability to evolve our work as it suits me and my needs. Towards the beginning of our work together, it was common for me to look to Jerry for guidance. Since then, his beautiful power to shift the focus, and allowing the parts of me that need to be seen and heard, has become our guide.

I have felt growth, an increased love for my self and a stronger sense of calm as I navigate my journey. These are all due to my work with Jerry.

― A.L. (Therapy/Coaching Client)